Find Your Place in Silver Spring Maryland

If you live in Maryland, you are likely to pass by Silver Spring sooner or later. Maryland is a relatively small state and the city of Silver Spring is large in comparison with many of the small towns that tend to dot the countryside. In fact, it is the fourth most populous area within the state, the larger ones include Germantown, Columbia and Baltimore.

Silver Spring is not only important because of all that it offers to those who lived there, it is also an important business hub as well. Not only does it have easy access to Baltimore and the ports in the area, it is also nearby to Washington DC. That is why much of the area is made up of office space, but there are plenty of places to live within Silver Spring Maryland as well.

The area was first settled in in around 1840, although there were native people who were there many years prior to the time that it was officially settled. The name is after a spring that was found and it was a popular area, even being visited by Abraham Lincoln several times during the American Civil War.

It didn’t take long before the suburbs began to pop up around Silver Spring, and that took place in 1887. A farm that was owned by Selena Wilson was subdivided along Route 29 into large plots of up to 10 acres each.

In the 20th century, the area of Silver Spring began to see a significant amount of growth. There were also a number of firsts that occurred during that time, including a high school being built in 1924. The rapid growth of the area made it necessary for a larger school to be built shortly after, so it was in 1935 that the Montgomery Blair high school was built. Further development included the Silver Spring shopping Center, which was unique in that it featured Street front parking for the retailers. It was the first of its kind in the United States.

Silver Spring Maryland continues to grow down to this day, and there certainly are a lot of opportunities for anyone who is interested in moving into the area. It doesn’t matter if you are moving there to raise a family or to find a good paying job, it is a choice that can work in your favor.